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card holder case


Dual Layer Protection Case

Due to the increasing demand for creative phone covers and cases, we have developed original designs that have led to the development of our Dual Layer Protection case. This case provides protection for the camera lens. It has a Credit/Debit Card Sleeve that can store Upto 2 Cards/ Cash. For those who are always carrying cash or cards, this is the perfect case for them.

360 Degree Rotatable Ring Holder

360 Degree Rotatable Ring Holder

This Dual Layer Protection case has an impressive design with a 360 Degree Rotatable Ring Holder. It makes it easier to hold your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. With this ring holder, you can easily rotate the ring at any angle you like according to your convenience. As a result, it reduces the risk of falling.

Kickstand Function

The Kickstand Function on this cover removes the problem by providing a convenient place to put your phone instead of relying on sweaty and slippery hands. As well as supporting your phone vertically and horizontally, it prevents accidental drops.

Card Pocket case

Card Pocket

This stylish cover has a card pocket that you can use to store debit cards, credit cards, public transport cards, ID cards, and more. No doubt, this case is one of the most useful and ideal phone cases. The case has all the essential characteristics that will ultimately help you find the most suitable smartphone case. 


You can always count on JustAndBest to deliver the best for you. In order to create stylish and effective designs, our team works very hard to come up with creative ideas. As for the design of the Dual Layer Protection case, the material is of very high quality. It provides all the basic features that one would expect from a phone cover. It's 360 Degree Rotatable Ring Holder. It is easier to hold because it features a 360-degree rotating ring holder. With its card pocket, you can store cards, credit cards, public transport cards, ID cards, and more.

November 16, 2022 — narmeen khan