Having an iPhone is still a dream for many people, but the one who possesses it must keep it safe and provide them with all-around protection. A mobile cover acts as a guard for the phone and keeps it safe from all kinds of damage, such as scratches and cracks. A phone cover also acts shock-resistant and protects your phone in case of an accidental fall. 

Justandbest provides the best iPhone Covers and offers a wide range of options. One must choose the best and most sturdy cover for their phone to make it last longer. A mobile cover adds to the lifespan of the phone as it protects them from all kinds of damage such as water damage, scratches, broken screens, removed paint, etc. We all must try to protect our pricey devices from damage and keep them in better shape. 

An iPhone 12 Cover must provide maximum protection to your phone and add to the beauty of the device. Nowadays, customized mobile covers are also available, which can be designed according to the customer and their design. Several people also print their pictures on mobile covers to make them look more personal.

Different materials for mobile covers

Mobile covers can be made of different materials to enhance the look of your phone. Materials used by JustAndBest in making the covers also add to their safety feature.

Polycarbonate- The phone covers are made from polycarbonate materials that provide impact resistance to your phone and are durable. The phone covers made of polycarbonate materials are also flexible and come in an affordable range.

Silicone- iPhone covers made from silicone materials are shock absorbent and provide a soft grip on your phone. They are also flexible, making them ideal to be used regularly and change whenever you want without any issues in removing them.

Thermoplastic polyurethane- They are available in both hard and soft forms. The covers made from this material are long-lasting, durable, and good at withstanding impact.

Fabric- Fabric covers are not widely available; it only protects the phone from any kind of scratches and helps keep your phone free from dust and dirt.

Genuine and PU leather- Mobile Covers made from PU leather are one of the most affordable phone covers and provide comprehensive coverage to your device. Leather cases are available in various designs and shapes and do not make your phone look bulky.

iPhone Covers

Different types of phone covers

Different kinds of phone covers serve different purposes. So, before purchasing a phone cover for your device, remember the main purpose of using the cover. Various mobile covers available in the market include:

Full protection- These kinds of iPhone covers protect your phone's entire body and keep it safe from scratches, cracks, and moisture.

Partial protection- These kinds of covers only protect the part of the phone inserted inside the cover.

Backplate cases- These covers are the most popular ones these days among iPhone users. They protect the back of the cover and the sides. It does not cover the screen and is light in weight. The decreases the chances of your phone getting damaged in case of accidental dropping.

Cover wallets- These kinds of covers look like wallets, and the phone can be kept inside as if something is being kept in a pouch. It protects the back of the phone as well as the cover from any kind of damage.

Shockproof- These are similar in design to that of back plate cases, but they provide the maximum protection to your phone. These are suitable for people who are involved in active sports. The cover is made from durable and hard materials, making these cases shockproof.

Waterproof- These look like simple plastic pouches but have a zip locking system that doesn't allow water to enter inside and can be easily used underwater. This keeps your phone safe from water, even in the deep waters.


Mobile phones and their covers are an important part of our lives. In most cases, mobile covers enhance a person's mood. So, if you want to purchase the best covers for your iPhone, you can choose from JustandBest, as we have a large collection of mobile covers that will fit in your budget and requirement along with giving a classy look.